Apple Valley 3D 4D Ultrasound Reviews

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Apple Valley 3D 4D Ultrasound Reviews

4D Special Delivery has several 3D 4D Ultrasound Locations to serve you. We are proud to be a part of creating a memory that will last a lifetime.  We have been providing non-diagnostic prenatal 3D 4D ultrasound and HD Live Ultrasound for entertainment and bonding purposes for many years, serving thousands of families.  We use top-of-the-line ultrasound machines to provide the highest quality ultrasound images.  We have a large screen displays so that you and your guests can enjoy this precious moment together.  To learn more about our ultrasound locations please review the below information.

“I seek the place where grandmothers hold babies on their laps under the stars and whisper in their ears that the lights in the sky are holes in the floor of heaven.”

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Apple Valley 3D 4D Ultrasound Reviews
3D 4D Ultrasound by 4D Special Delivery of Apple Valley
Phone: Ultrasound Service Information: Call 760-927-3795
Address: 19195 Outer Hwy 18, Suite 202, Apple Valley, CA 92307

Apple Valley Ultrasound Reviews

Second time around! This place is better than the theater–really! Friendly staff and pleasant atmosphere! Reasonable fees for great service. Be sure not to miss your appointment!
The images are humbling and beautiful!
Came with my sister in law, she is currently 18 weeks pregnant. The office was clean and the room was big and comfortable.

When you call to make appointment it is required to provide your credit card over the phone incase you cancel. Make sure to bring cash..$35 for gender reveal plus pictures or $40 if you want teddy bear with baby heartbeat.

Very impressed with this office and it’s staff, it is neat and organized with plenty of room for seating.

Thanks for the help with 4D scanning we really appreciate all of the help! We will definitely recommend our next pregnant family or friends!

This place is so amazing!!!! Very clean and the staff is so sweet! Coming into the facility I was greeted with smiles! I definitely would recommend this place to every friend! The room is very spacious and very comfortable. All the stuff animals they had are so cute and the packages are great prices! Don’t miss out and come here.
Shahira, our ultrasound tech is amazing! She was so sweet and patient!!! Our baby was being difficult and kept putting her hands in front of her face but she managed to get good, clear photos of her face. We did the mini HD teddy bear package for $95 bucks which was completely worth it!! We got a sheet of photos, an extra large teddy bear, a DVD of the whole experience, as well as a CD of all the photos she took! Finding the place was a little hard, find building A, and you’ll be able to find the suite. It’s right next to Outback Steakhouse. They also only accept cash so don’t forget to pull out your money!
This place is amazing I went there with my first baby , second and third
I’m going back in a few weeks to find out or gender of baby no 3 the staff is so friendly and nice.
It was the best experience…if you are having a baby make sure to do this and bring a handful of people. Lady was so nice couldn’t get baby to move so she tried for another 15 min for free! Such a great price for everything you get!
Amazing experience! I found this place thru a coworker, and booked an appointment. I brought a few family members with me & my husband. When you walk in the room is HUGE with big couches & a projector in front of you. The tech who helped us was very sweet, she even gave us a sneak peek of the 3D for free, 3D at 18 weeks isn’t recommend it because the baby’s features are still forming, I was 18 weeks so I decided to just do the 2D for the gender reveal.
My baby was sleeping & she didn’t want to move positions so I had to move to the side a few times & cough. After maybe about 10 minutes the tech asked us if we wanted her to say it or to write it on the projector; we opted for her to write it on the projector & she wrote “Its a Baby Girl” such an amazing experience, and it’s also very inexpensive. I would recommend this place to anyone who is trying to find out the gender of their baby.
It was such a wonderful experience to see our baby. The staff was so nice and very immersed in the moment with us as we saw our little guy. The place is perfect to have family and loved ones come in and enjoy in the experience. I highly recommend this place for this special moment
Loved this place! Staff both making the appointment and during the ultrasound. My baby was stubborn but the ultra sound tech took her time to give us the best pictures possible
Of our little one. I would recommend this place to family and friends!

What a great experience, and so much less expensive than with or son years ago. We brought the grandparents and got to see our future daughter’s heart beating inside her chest! They were able to capture lots of great pictures and video of her moving around and opening her mouth, so cool. Highly recommend.

What an amazing experience! The ultrasoubd tech was amazing! She took her time with us because baby was being very shy. But after a few breaks, we finally saw that we are expecting a baby boy!! This is a memory I’ll never forget! Can’t wait to get a 3d/4d ultrasound! 🙂
Very competitive pricing, great 3d/4d/HD Live packages, great place and great experience. I was weary with the price and not knowing what the place looked like on the inside, nor the staff I would encounter, but I was more than happy with the service received. I went in for the HD Live package. The two staff there, receptionist and ultrasound tech, were friendly. The tech worked hard to get the images needed and was very good at explaining everything we saw on the screen. Place is clean and nice. Great ambiance to have your family/friends experience this keepsake ultrasound. Absolutely 5 star worthy.
This place was great and very classy. I loved the big screen with the couch to make us feel at home and that the tech was so friendly and made me and my family feel very comfortable! She even spent some extra time trying to make sure we got some good clear pics of our baby girl (since she was camera shy and had her hands in front of her face the whole time) It was a very unforgettable experience and I will definitely recommend this place to all of my family and friends.

Me and my family went here yesterday to confirm that we are having a boy. The office is AMAZING!! It was so nice. And thank good my little one was active during the session. Thw tech was wonderful, I hate that I forgot her name. We will be going back before he comes in August for the 3d pictures. A wonderful experience!

This place is fantastic! The staff was amazing. Very informative and patient. Would recommend this place to all expecting families
The technicians are very nice and so patient. They took extra time to get the best views of the baby. Highly recommended to expectant families in the area.
Went to this place with serenity jesse jr and jezkiel and just went to find out the gender of baby tims #4 in appley valley they are very good.. all ways happy when we enter the place and go home..make an app if you have not done so you will not regreat it…trust me thats why we keep going

Extremely happy with our HD ultrasound that we had done today! The tech was amazing and very sweet! Viewing area was huge, had couches & very clean. I have had 4D ultrasounds with all 4 of my babies but the HD was just AMAZING! Thanks again! I will be telling all my clients about my experience at your office. Over all I was impressed the prices are great as well! 5 stars!! *****

You guys are amazing I loved my experience there. I love seeing my daughter and you guys made it possible for me to see how adorable she already is. I tell all my friends and family about you and how they need to get it done.

The staff are Wonderful!! They even came in at an earlier time so that all my family could be there with me.. Can’t Thank them enough, that meant a lot.. And the 3D pictures that were taken of my daughter look exactly like her, Im still so amazed.. I have an appointment this Thursday for my 2nd child as well, can’t wait! =)

I was beyond impressed! I was referred here by a few friends and also did my own research online and did not read ONE bad review. So, we chose this one! The woman who did our ultrasound was so awesome. She talked and joked with us and even talked to our orincess the whole time as if she were right there in our arms! She was fantasric and really tried her absolute best to get us the best quality im…ages even though our daughter had her hand in her mouth the whole time ? My fiance and I had brought my 5 year old son, my mother and his mother and father. It was a pleasant experience for us all. My son was especially fascinated by seeing his sister and listened closely to everything the tech was saying about her and he was asking so many questions that she patiently answered for him. I’m just extremely happy with the outcome and the way our pictures and video turned out. Also love our bear with our little girl’s heartbeat. For the price, we really got what seemed more than our money’s worth. Thank you for helping us capture these awesome memories for us to have forever. I will tell EVERYONE about you!!! Thank you!!
Came here when I was pregnant. They are so patient and caring. My son was stubborn and kept his legs crossed and they just had patience to wait and let me relax more. Then we found out it was a boy 🙂 great place, next pregnancy I’ll be coming here again
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