HD Live Ultrasounds! Beyond 2D & 3D 4D Ultrasounds!

HD Live Ultrasound,  the newest ultrasound technology, allows expectant parents and family members to view amazingly realistic images of their newborn.  This technology allows parents to get a real-time peek inside their mother.  This brand new technology, which has been created in 2013, utilizes an advanced moveable light source and advanced skin rendering techniques that allows the baby to be incredibly crystal clear and is very similar to looking at the baby inside the womb.  The HD Live Ultrasound machine has the capabilities of performing 2D and 3D 4D ultrasounds, and if desired, HD Live can be performed with the machine to render these images that are very unique and different from the standard 4D imaging.

The HD Live system, developed by Dr Bernard Benoit of the Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco, is very different from 3D 4D ultrasounds due to this unique moveable light source.  In fact, the virtual light source acts as a digital flashlight by applying shadows and light reflections to create a deeper, more defined HD Live image. It also automatically tones down speckle, which greatly enhances the clarity and readability of the image.  The HD Live feature is beyond 3D 4D Ultrasound technology, and is something every expectant family would remember and cherish forever!

HD LIVE Ultrasound by 4D Special Delivery

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