Whittier 3D 4D Ultrasound Reviews

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Whittier 3D 4D Ultrasound Reviews

4D Special Delivery has several 3D 4D Ultrasound Locations to serve you. We are proud to be a part of creating a memory that will last a lifetime.  We have been providing non-diagnostic prenatal 3D 4D ultrasound and HD Live Ultrasound for entertainment and bonding purposes for many years, serving thousands of families.  We use top-of-the-line ultrasound machines to provide the highest quality ultrasound images.  We have a large screen displays so that you and your guests can enjoy this precious moment together.  To learn more about our ultrasound locations please review the below information.

Whittier 3D 4D Ultrasound Reviews
3D 4D Ultrasound by 4D Special Delivery of Whittier
Phone: Appointment & Ultrasound Service Information: Call 1-800-604-4014
Address: 13108 Philadelphia St. Whittier, CA 90601

Whittier Ultrasound Reviews

Amazing staff very professional and courteous. They got some great baby images thank you so much!!!

I loved my 3d/4d ultrasound I got done on Tuesday at 30weeks♡ I got a DVD of my beautiful daughter and 110 beautiful face shots♡ I can’t stop looking at her♡ I also went there for my 15week gender scan, the ladies are nice and professional, will definitely come back in the future for baby#2 lol….here’s my ultrasound I uploaded on YouTube if u would like to see my baby girl♡

5 star Loved this place! Definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to find the gender. Girls here are so warming and know what they are doing for sure.
I had the best experience here at the Colton location today , I found out I’m having a baby boy . The lady who attended me was awesome ! I recommend it anyone who is impatient like me to find out what your having , I’m only 15 weeks . Don’t forget to like there page to get a teddy bear with your baby’s heart beat
Great place and very friendly they did my gender at 16 weeks and said I’m having a girl I’m so excited!
I went to the one In colton. They were really nice. Received great pictures. Best experience ever!
Thank you
Such an amazing place! Staff is very friendly and they take their time to get good pictures of your baby. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.. I cannot wait to go in a couple months to see my baby#2
Took my in laws to see there first born and they loved it.. really recommend it to everyone although it’s minimum seating.. It was perfect!

Went yesterday to see our son and had a great experience. The tech was wonderful. She was very involved and explained everything we were seeing and captured wonderful 4d pictures. I loved my visit yesterday. Made my day.

Great customer service ! Awesome experience I loved it !! Tina did a good job very patient and loveable thank you very much.

Nice staff , nice location . Overall great experience. The lady in front was very informative.

Found you guys on Yelp! gave it a try:) WE FOUND OUT OUR BABYS GENDER! Stephanie the staff was so kind and explained everything to us instead of letting us chose any package. Definitely will be coming back later on in the pregnancy! Did I mention prices were GREAT! Thank you again!

Tina was the best! She was very nice and was able to reveal the gender of my baby! Thank you so much, will definitely be going back at 28 weeks to get the 4D ultrasound. Price was very reasonable.

Wonderful experience here! Great price and Stephanie was super friendly and patient waiting for the perfect shot. We’ll definitely be back further into the pregnancy.

Just had my 4d ultrasound with Tina and it was the best experience yet! She confirmed the gender and was so kind to all of us. They had sweet lullaby music playing in the background with a big screen tv to see the baby. I definitely recommend this to all expecting mamas out there.

Even though we were late to our appointment staff was still very accommodating and friendly. My family really enjoyed the viewing . We will highly recommend

Highly recommended!
Let’s start with the fact that despite having our tech Hazel wait 15 minutes for me to get there (I know, I know… 15 minutes?! How inconsiderate of you Mark..), she seemed to be cool and accommodating towards me and my sister all throughout. Unlike the previous tech that examined her, Hazel was very clear and detailed while being calm on showing us the different angles of the baby and telling us its gender.
The ultrasound room was super cozy and clean. The soft acoustic version of Across the Universe by Beatles playing on the background while seeing the baby 3D on the big screen and hearing its heartbeat really did it for me. That was such a surreal moment that I almost cracked a tear. Darn it.
After getting examined, my sister purchase a tiny teddy bear with the baby’s recorded heartbeat in it.
We left the place with a smile on our faces.

Love this place highley recommend for all expecting mothers to come here tina’s service was great she gave me the best exerience of my life

Came in to get my 3D ultrasound done of my baby boy today. The waiting room is nice and peaceful. Tina was great and made me and my family feel at home. She took amazing pictures, would definitely recommend this place !

This was a wonderful experience for my fiancé and I. We HIGHLY recommend it!! Professional and friendly staff, spacious rooms for multiple family members to attend if you so choose, soothing music, big screen tv to see your little one in all his or her glory and you can’t beat the pricing structure. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

This was a great experience to be able to see the baby in 3D. The staff was very welcoming and the service was excellent. The viewing room was very calm and inviting. Would definitely recommend this place to expecting parents.


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